Shure #5575th
General terms and conditions of the Shure campaign page "5575th"

§ 1 Object

1. The Shure Europe GmbH in cooperation with Shure Incorporated and Shure Asia Limited (hereinafter: Shure) provides a platform with the Shure campaign page "5575th" on (hereinafter: Campaign Site 5575th), that aggregates, among other things, contents by users of the Social Web labelled with the hashtag # 5575th. Contents posted on the following platforms from users registered there may be aggregated: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube (and only on Weibo). You can also use a share feature on the campaign website 5575th (after prior login). For the aggregation on the campaign site third parties must be able to view the contents and therefore they must be fully shared publicly.

2. These terms and conditions govern your use of the campaign site 5575th, in particular the creation of a post for it to appear on the campaign site. The use of the campaign site 5575th, taking part in the campaign #5575th is voluntary. More information about the sweepstakes can be found in the Terms and conditions for the competition.

3. The user acknowledges that 100% availability of the campaign site is 5575th is unrealizable technically. However Shure strives to keep the Campaign site 5575th constantly available. Maintenance, security or capacity requirements and events that are beyond the range of Shure (such as disruptions in public communication networks, power failures etc.) may result in brief malfunctions or temporary interruptions of the services.

§ 2 User Account – registration

1. Users who want to use the upload function of the 5575th campaign site to enter the sweepstakes (compare Terms and conditions for the competition) must register prior to use and create a user profile (hereinafter: User Account). For the purpose of registration under the registration process users have to enter truthfully their full name and their e-mail address and their user name on the selected network. The mandatory fields for a registration are marked with an asterisk in the registration form.

2. User data entered by users on the registration form must be correct.

3. The user is not permitted to transfer his User Account to another person to make another person access to its User Account or otherwise perform actions that can compromise the security of user accounts.

4. Each user can at any time stop using his user account and unsubscribe from the 5575th campaign site.

§ 3 Aggregation of user content – valid contents

The user is obliged to
- to make only true and non-misleading statements in his user account and in his communication with Shure.
- to provide only such User Content with the hashtag # 5575th he/she holds the corresponding rights, especially copyright, patent and trademark rights and personality rights;
- to refrain from providing user Content with the hashtag #5575th where persons are recognizable. The transmission of user content in the form of photographs or illustrations, in which the user and / or third parties are recognizable, is expressly prohibited. Moreover, it is not permitted to publish in a post personal information like phone numbers, license plates or the like.
- to comply with all applicable laws and all third-party rights (especially those of the platforms used for publication) when authoring content. He will refrain strictly from using insulting or defamatory contents, regardless of whether such content affects other users, the agencies or employees of Shure or affiliates of Shure or other persons or companies;
- to refrain from posting pornographic, racist, violent content or content contrary to law or to engage in offensive communication or with sexual emphasis.

§ 4 Contents subject to review

1. Shure reserves right to review content created by users related to the compliance with the provisions of these Terms and with a certain minimum quality and to refuse publication on the user Gallery of the campaign site 5575th respectively to remove any content later without giving any reason.

2. The users have no right to publication of the content on the campaign site 5575th.

3. Shure will aggregate only the following notation of the hashtag: #5575th.

§ 5 Exclusion of Use

Shure can exclude a user permanently or temporarily from using the campaign site 5575th and / or remove the contents of the campaign site 5575th, if the user and / or the contents violates /violate mandatory legal regulations and / or these terms of use.

§ 6 Grant of rights

1. By participating the user agrees that both the published content as well as his first name, last name and / or username as part of the campaign site 5575th and the communication of the campaign 5575th is to be published.

2. With the release of content qualified for the campaign site 5575th and the confirmation of the terms of use the user grants Shure and other companies in the Shure sales organization (esp. traders and importers) or in any way connected with Shure right of use of the aggregated content published on the campaign site exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable, with regard to time, content and space unrestricted in every conceivable aspect, especially in textual, visual, tangible or audio visual terms, unchanged or adapted and / or in its original state, as a whole or partially any number of times for any purpose, especially for PR, press, communication and advertising purposes, for Shure itself or for third parties. The grant specifically includes the right of publication, display, reproduction, distribution, public access (especially on the internet), change, replication, editing, alteration, combination with other works, utilization of the contents in any conceivable aspect. The user agrees by now to the granting of rights to third parties by Shure. Shure is entitled to evaluate the rights but not required.

3. The user guarantees the existence of rights recognized by this agreement. He assures to be entitled to the above mentioned grant of rights and guarantees that by the use of the user content in the aforementioned extent by Shure and / or any other company of sales organization of Shure or any company affiliated to Shure or any company in any other way affiliated to Shure no rights of third parties (in particular intellectual property rights or rights of use and neighbouring rights) are infringed. Purely as a precaution the user keeps Shure and other companies in the sales organization of Shure (esp. traders and importers) or companies affiliated in any way to Shure indemnified from and against all claims by third parties due to an infringement of intellectual property rights or rights of use and neighbouring rights of third parties by the use of published content. The exemption also covers costs of unjustified claims against Shure and other companies in the sales organization of Shure (esp. traders and importers) or companies in any other way affiliated with Shure as well as legal expenses.

§ 7 Liability

Shure is not liable for personnel, property and / or property damage incurred in connection with the campaign site 5575th, unless the damage was intentional or grossly negligent (for personal injury intentionally or negligently) caused by legal representatives or vicarious agents of Shure.

§ 8 Changes of the platform

The platform stays online for the time being up to a year for the sweepstakes specified in the Terms and conditions for the competition. Shure reserves the right to change the campaign site 5575th, the campaign and the communication at any time or provide it in a different form. Shure is particularly free to add functions or features or to remove or introduce additional or new restrictions on the services offered. Likewise Shure reserves the right to terminate functions provided as part of the campaign site 5575th at any time.

§ 9 General provisions

1. For the terms and conditions of use must be drawn up in writing. In order to be legally effective changes or additions must be in writing. There are no verbal side agreements.

2. These terms and conditions for use and participation and any dispute arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions are subject to German law under exclusion of the UN Sales Convention.

3. If one or more provisions of these terms and / or participation conditions be or become invalid or should result in a gap, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. Instead of the invalid provision and to fill a gap is to apply an appropriate, legally permissible provision that comes closest to what the parties would have intended if they had thought of the partial invalidity or gap. The above facts do not entitle you to withhold or suspend provisionally enforceable contractual services.

4. If the user / subscriber is a consumer, the legal provisions apply to all disputes arising out of or in connection with these terms and conditions and / or terms and conditions relating to conflicts of jurisdiction. If the user / subscriber is a merchant within the meaning of the German Commercial Code, the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or related to these Terms and / or Conditions of Participation is Heilbronn.

5. The campaign site 5575th and the sweepstakes as part of the campaign site 5575th are not affiliated with and in no way sponsored, supported or organized by Facebook or any other social Network. The recipient of the information provided by the submitter is not Facebook, but Shure. The liability of Facebook in connection with the campaign site 5575th or the sweepstakes as part of the campaign site 5575th is excluded.