The original 55
Years later 75
Limited Edition LE
The microphone.

The microphone that needs no name.

Setting the standard of performance.

An unmistakable stage icon for 75 years.

Photographed with more celebrities than any other microphone.


The competition is over!

Thank you for all your anniversary wishes!


...And the winners are...

Esty N.,
Christian J.,
Thomas K.,
Rich H.,
Andy C.,
Jorge A. H.,
Todd K.,
Jeremy H.,
Caleb R.,
Jeremy H.
Eugene D. (Russia),
Josh D. (UK),
Chris A. (UK),
Milan K. (Slovakia),
Arnold J. B. (Germany),
Jack N. (UK),
Evgeny M. (Russia),
Matija R. (Serbia),
Vasco R. (Spain),
Stijn V. (Belgium)
Davyd N. (Australia),
王春华 (China),
孙立元 (China),
龚先生 (China),
李泽朋 (China),
小笠原 様 (Japan),
西條 様 (Japan),
田中 様 (Japan),
山田 様 (Japan),
Soo S. L. (Singapore)



And have fun with your prizes!